We provide a full range of management advisory services designed to formulate competitive strategies and improve your operations:

Business and Corporate Development

We understand that both business and corporate development are important activities to create and maintain growth for any organization, including the expansion of the customer base, products, and services.

Therefore, we offer a complete line of business and corporate development services, including strategic planning, partner identification / screening / evaluation, and deal structuring / valuation.


We offer a full range of marketing capabilities, including brand planning, primary research, segmentation, targeting, and positioning.

In addition, we work with our clients to design and implement marketing tactics, including social media activities. Our staff has experience with working with a variety of partners and agencies to identify and execute programs.

Operations and Performance Improvement

We understand that the operations function is a key component of any business, and maximizing the effectiveness and efficiency of this function is a driver of cash flow and earnings performance. We help our clients identify areas of improvement, determine implementable solutions, and derive the optimal measure of effectiveness and efficiency.

Program and Project Management Office

We believe that the level of success in the execution of a program / project is driven by careful and detailed planning and coordination. Our staff has extensive experience in operating a PMO, including tools and techniques that will drive the success of a program / project.

Strategic Planning and Execution

We know that a firm uses its strategy to navigate its future, and, therefore, we understand the importance of excellent strategic planning and execution. We offer a variety of strategic planning capabilities, developing strategy at the corporate, business unit, and product levels. We provide strategic support for the entire planning process from identifying business objectives, completing internal and external assessments, evaluating options, and developing roadmaps for execution. We also understand that planning is only half of a strategy. The other half is execution, and we are able to assist clients in the execution of their selected strategy.

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