Our consultants have worked with F100 companies as well as the small and mid-cap public and private companies, spanning across major industries including:

  • Financial Services
  • Life Sciences/Biopharmaceuticals
  • Manufacturing
  • Services
  • Technology

Given the complexity of the biopharmaceutical industry, we strive to develop a deep understanding of the issues to address the needs of each player:

Biopharmaceutical Industry Participants

Biopharmaceutical Industry Participants


  • Will managed care pay for this drug?
  • What are the requirements to gain reimbursement status?

Patients & Caregivers

  • What is the patient profile?
  • How should this drug be administered?
  • What channels will be dispensing the drug to the patients?


  • What is the clinical strategy required for approval?
  • What is the probability that the FDA will approve the drug?
  • What will the label look like?
  • What are the regulatory hurdles?

Health Professionals

  • What do the medical professionals and key opinion leaders think about drug's profile?
  • What is the current standard of care?
  • Will pharmacists be motivated to dispense this drug?

Biopharmaceutical Companies

  • What unmet needs do this drug fulfill?
  • What is the appropriate pricing strategy?
  • How should this drug be positioned to health care providers? patients? managed care organizations?

Therefore, we provide the following advisory services to our biopharmaceutical clients:

Biopharmaceutical Industry Participants

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